Spring 2013 Charrette

Architecture shifts from the monumental building to the authorless field condition. The thoroughfare is exploited to generate new gaps and thresholds where conflict (subtraction, juxtaposition, and friction between constituencies and programs) is a catalyst for latent spatial practices existing outside of the norm and as a form of resistance to market volatility. By intensifying spatial opportunities, a third territory is produced within an otherwise dense and defined city. Conceived as a densification of incubation spaces overtime, nested voids are left fallow to be activated and deactivated generating new commercial exchange, residential typologies, and programmatic hybrids. The storefront and facade is a zone of surface interface: exchange, views and access, or display and representation. The introduction of a third, parallel space within an existing commercial thoroughfare comes from an exploration of various surface strategies, skin studies, and aperture studies that will blend and camouflage existing programs and building typologies together to create new transparencies a nd interstitial spaces as physical and perceptual dis/connection.


The city is experienced continuously from the inside out. It is a collection of rooms folding upon rooms, a self-contained microcosm. Unfolding surfaces define visual and perceptual experience and operate as layers of exchange, information, and connectivity.


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